WinDVR Download

WinDVR is a software-only product that allows watching and recording videos on the user’s personal computer. It also features an option that enables previewing TV programs from a TV tuner source and encoding them into MPEG-2 video format in real-time. You can also record from a digital video and a capture card and encode it as well.

The application is well-known for the list of options it makes available. First of all, it includes Channel Surfing for quick overview of channels , ability to schedule WinDVR to record favourite program,  TeleText , time shifting, support for Worldwide TV audio standard and other  TV control capabilities.

It also offers multiple monitor support with which you can play videos on one screen and run programs on the other.

There is also a bunch of other useful tools such as digital video navigation, digital video to PC recording and multiple-file write-back to DV tape. WinDVR is able to capture screen shots from any program, saved them as a digital picture and store it on hard drive. The Electronic Program Guide is incorporated in WinDVR as an online up-to-date TV program guide.

Among the best things about WinDVR is Task Manager responsible for scheduling programs you want to record and managing job lists which are to be burned to disk. It can also perform off-line transcending jobs.