After the Acer Roadmap leaked yesterday, pricing also came out of the woodwork, and it was extremely disappointing to see devices supposedly going for US$800. Today, it seems like Acer has confirmed the official pricing for their other Windows 8 devices, the Iconia tablet line up. Paul Spain at Tech Jungle reports today that Acer confirmed detailed pricing and specifications to him this week, which seemingly places the lower end tablet -- the Iconia W510 -- at US$712 (NZD$199) at launch. We've seen the W510 and the W700 before, back in June, but since then we haven't heard much more. Now we know detailed specifications for the devices, as well as the specific pricing. The Iconia Tab W510 comes with a 64GB SSD, an Intel Atom 2760 1.5GHz processor, MicroSD slot, a 10.1" IPS 1366 x 768 display, front 2MP and rear facing 8MP webcams, and supposedly achieves up to 9 hours of battery life while managing to weigh in at just under 600 grams. Not a bad device for the price, considering it also features Windows 8 Professional. Unfortunately, the keyboard dock is an additional cost. At the higher end, the Iconia Tab W700 features a 128GB SSD, Intel Atom i5 3317U at 1.7GHz, a 11.6" Full HD IPS display, front 1080P(!) camera and rear 720p camera, with up to 8 hours of battery life while weighing just 950 grams. It too features full-blown Windows 8 Professional, but doesn't have a MicroSD slot like the Iconia W510. As with the W510, the keyboard accessory (in this case a bluetooth keyboard) is not included and is an additional cost.