Expected by many hardware enthusiasts, AMD's first Zambezi FX processors based on the Bulldozer architecture are scheduled to be unveiled at the E3 games conference while the company's Llano APUs should be officially launched just a couple of days earlier at Computex 2011. According to a slide published by the Donanim Haber publication, AMD's summer launch calendar should start on June 1, when the company plans to introduce the Sabine platform. This platform includes the mobile version of the Llano APUs as well as the Hudson-M2 and Hudson-M3 notebook chipsets. Together with Sabine, the Computex 2011 fair will also mark the introduction of AMD's new Vision brand and of the 900-series chipsets that target Zambezi FX processors. The next date in AMD's launch calendar is June 7 when the company plans to make official the AM3+ platform as well as the FX brand and logo. According to previous report, this launch will include four Zambezi FX CPUs, two featuring an eight-core design, while the other two will pack six and four processing cores respectively, and additional chips are expected in the October-November timeframe. The Bulldozer architecture has been in the making for five years now and is based on a modular design, with each module being comprised out of dual processing cores. Finally, on June 14, the Sunnyvale-based company will introduce the Lynx platform that features the Llano desktop APUs and the Hudson D2 and Hudson D3 fusion controller hubs. For starters, AMD will only announce five Llano desktop APUs, four packing a quad-core design while the fifth chip will feature only two processing cores. No additional details are available at this time, but both Llano and especially Bulldozer are expected to bring AMD back on par with Intel in terms of processing power.