Information about the upcoming Bulldozer processors have been circulation freely all over the Web for the last couple of months, and now a recently leaked document comes to expand our understanding of these chips as it reveals the clock speeds of AMD's future CPUs. The document was posted on a Chinese forum and it details the Ordering Part Number (OPN) of the engineering sample Bulldozer chips that AMD sent to its partners for testing. According to the document, speed of the upcoming Zambezi CPUs based on the Bulldozer architecture will range between 2.6GHz and 3.2GHz, while the Turbo Core mode can push the maximum operating frequency to a whopping 4.1GHz. The OPN also reveals that AMD has built a series of Bulldozer processors that come without any Level 3 cache, which could point out that the company plans to introduce a budget version of Zambezi. AMD used the same approach when it designed the Athlon II CPU-series, so taking this route wouldn't be surprising at all, but these may just as well be some early engineering samples that didn't have a functional L3 cache. In addition to the leaked Bulldozer OPN document, a user on the PC In Life forum also posted a CPU-Z screenshot of an alleged Bulldozer CPU, that is identified as a 2820 by the application. According to this user, the processor features six computing cores, 3x2MB of Level 2 and 8MB of Level 3 cache, has an operating frequency of 2.8GHz and can reach up to 3.7GHz or 3.8GHz in Turbo Core mode. AMD is expected to launch the first Bulldozer chips at the beginning of June and the initial CPU batch will include four Zambezi FX chips, two featuring an eight-core design, while the other two will packs six and four processing cores respectively. Four additional Zambezi FX CPUs should be launched in the October-November timeframe.