In mid-May, we were the first to uncover a forum post that detailed the prices of AMD's upcoming Zambezi FX and Llano processors, and now the Sunnyvale-based company just confirmed the price of one of its future Bulldozer CPUs. The chip in question is the eight-core FX-8130P, which will retail for $320, just as we previously reported. This is the fastest FX-Series processor in AMD's arsenal and rumors suggest that it will have a 3.8GHz base clock speed and a 4.2GHz maximum Turbo Core frequency. Together with this CPU, AMD also plans to release another three models featuring eight, six and four processing cores, respectively, but the company refused to disclose their prices at this time. However, from what we have managed to find out, the chips should cost between $190 and $290, when purchased in quantities larger than 1000 units. Bulldozer is the code-name given to AMD's upcoming high-performance architecture that has been in development for over four years now. Unlike the company's previous designs, Bulldozer will use a new approach that relies on a modular architecture. Each module includes two processing cores, as well as other components, and these can be paired together to form CPUs with up to eight computing cores. The first chips built on this architecture were expected to arrive in June and targeted the desktop market, but it now seems like AMD is having troubles with achieving the desired clock speeds. As a result, the company officially announced that the first Zambezi FX CPUs won't arrive until August or September of 2011. The delay won't affect the Opteron 6200 processors based on the Interlagos architecture, which pairs together two CPU dies in the same packaging to form 12-core and 16-core Bulldozer chips for the server market.