Even though rumors regarding Intel's intentions to buy Nvidia have been circulating around the Web for a few years now, AMD believes it doesn't have anything to worry about as such a thing will never become reality. In an interview with The Inquirer, Leslie Sobon, VP of product and platform marketing at AMD, said that the difference between the chip design approaches used by the two companies will continue to grow apart in the future. "The distance between AMD and Intel will expand as OpenCL becomes more and more mature and as more and more developers start moving to it, and the reason behind it is that unless [Intel] can buy Nvidia they are not going to get discrete level graphics," said Sobon. When asked if she thinks that such a move from Intel's part would be possible, Sobon replied "No, it would never happen." The company representative continued to explain how AMD's decision to acquire ATI was simply based on the wish to gain access to the graphics card intellectual property owned by ATI at the time. "Graphics intellectual property isn't developed over night, think of how many times [Intel's] Larrabee failed, to build graphics technology is a hard thing to do, and [Intel] have just not been successful," said Sobon. In addition on expressing her thoughts on Nvidia's buyout, Sobon also revealed that the Sunnyvale-based company is currently working on developing an Opteron chip with on-die graphics. This will be completely separate from the company's current Fusion APUs, and should offer the benefits of both CPU and GPGPU designs. Even though AMD is currently focusing on building processors with integrated graphics, stand-alone CPUs won't be forgotten, but these aren't expected to make up more than 2% of the company's business in 2014.