On November 8th the Angry Birds of a different feather will take to the stars in a new spin-off called Angry Birds Star Wars. Rovio has confirmed that at least initially it will arrive for the iOS, Android, and PC platforms in both a free and paid version. Releases for other platforms in the future are possible. “It will be the biggest and best Angry Birds game to date,” according to those at Rovio who have managed to transform the Red Bird into Luke Skywalker and the Yellow Bird into Han Solo. Each bird in the game is made up with elements to look like characters from Star Wars. Of course, the pigs are back in this spacetacular, with pigs taking on the role as empire henchmen (who are better known, of course, as the evil Stormtroopers) and they will be commanded by none other than a pig who resembles Darth Vader. As with pretty much everything Angry Birds, Rovio is planning to merchandise the heck out of it with a collection of Angry Birds Star Wars stuff for the faithful to buy.