1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends. (Free to play)

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Download for Free below...


  2. Argo a Free First Person Shooter Game. (FPS)

    Argo a Free first person shooter available for download below...

  3. Cloud storage vs external hard drive- which is right for you?

    When in 1998 I got my first PC, I had to deal with a 4 GB hard disk. Using a computer was like juggling - for example, to install a new game, I had to uninstall another. Remembering those days, today we can only smile at each other.

  4. How to use LibreOffice? Introduction and text editing

    LibreOffice is a free, open source office productivity suite that can perfectly replace another popular office suite Microsoft Office. The service includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and graphics editors, applications, database, and formula editor.


  5. Beginners Guide to iTunes – traditional network sharing and Home Sharing

    Have you ever wanted to share your songs and movies via iTunes on your home network? iTunes offers built-in sharing tools that makes it easy to stream your content to other computers on your home network.

  6. Comparison of the most popular online navigation maps.

    Are you lost and are searching for help? Nowadays, we hardly ever ask for directions while traveling, city by city and street by street. We all try to overcome that struggle by using online navigation maps on laptops, smartphones or tablets, instead of having to lug a map around. Here we are going to take a look at the best online navigation apps.

  7. How to use Office Web Apps? Extensions and mobile access

    Today it is time for our final part of series devoted to Office Web Apps. This time, we will discuss the most interesting extensions for browsers that can improve SkyDrive performance and OWA. Finally, we will cover issues concerning mobile access on both services.

  8. Beginners guide to iTunes - buying songs and renting films

    In the previous article we have briefly discussed iTunes Store. First of all, we presented a wide range of items we can find there, and instructed you how to create the iTunes store account. Then we guided you how to download free content (podcasts). Once we taught you the ropes, it is time to move on - to buy the paid items.

  9. How to use Office Web Apps? PowerPoint and OneNote

    Recently, we have discussed Web-based versions of Word and Excel available in  Office Web Apps. Today, we are going to describe the other two modules of online office suite from Microsoft, namely a PowerPoint presentation editor and OneNote, an application for managing notes.

  10. How to safely bank online?

    Yes. Using the Internet to bank, buy music, or shop is safe. It is even safer than visiting banks, as long as consumers take a few basic steps to protect their data and know what to do in case they notice any suspicious activity. Security experts claim that online banking is absolutely safe and is used by millions every day. Below we present different security precautions we should take to keep online banking safe. 

  11. 20 web alternatives to popular desktop software

    Some people claim that desktop programs land on the scrap heap, which is undoubtedly an exaggeration. Web-based alternatives, however, have set a great trend over the web and are becoming more and more popular and useful. Moreover, they are usually free and provide the same benefits as desktop software. That beats having to spend vast sums of money.

  12. How to migrate from one Google account to another?

    When you create a Google account, it does not mean you have to stuck with it for the rest of your life. If you want to change your e-mail for a ‘more professional’, less childish name, or if you have just changed your name and want to move everything to a brand new account while incurring the least amount of data loss, you should read our guide.

  13. How to use Google Docs? Extensions and mobile access.

    As announced earlier, it is time for the last part of our series devoted to Google Docs. We are going to cover the best extensions for Chrome and Firefox which enhance capabilities of the office suite, and the drive. We will also describe a mobile application for Android.

  14. How to get the most out of Google Docs? Tips and tricks.

    Over the past few weeks, we have presented different solutions on how to use a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, forms and drawings in Google Docs. After discussing all the included modules, we have taken an extended look under the hood of Google Docs and uncovered several tricks for getting the most out of Google Docs. If you haven’t looked at Google Docs recently, now’s a good time to check it out.

  15. iTunes: Getting familiar with the interface and importing the library

    iTunes is a comprehensive multimedia player that has a built-in store with songs and podcasts. The application has an interesting interface and a vast number of features. Learning about all the program can do takes time, so we have begun a series of articles that will let you get familiar with iTunes.

  16. How to use Google Docs? Create and edit presentations.

    We have already come across different  Google Docs modules including a word processor and spreadsheet. Today we are going to discuss the topic concerning creating and editing presentations. This component is rather rarely used, however, it is worth checking since it comes bundled with a few interesting features.

  17. How to use Google Docs? Spreadsheets

    Today we are going to continue our series related to Google Docs. After providing you with some basic information and guidance concerning the text editor, it is time to discuss spreadsheets. This article presents an introduction to spreadsheets: what they are and how to create a good spreadsheet and start working on it. Along the way, you'll also learn how to design charts, add new columns to your spreadsheet, and use formulas more efficiently.

  18. How to use Google Docs? Text Documents

    Today we are going to describe one of the most important component of Google Docs, which is a  text editor. It is also one of the widely used module in the package.

  19. How to use Google Docs? The basics.

    We are starting with a new series of articles devoted to Google Docs. The online office suite is one of the best solutions of its kind that shapes up to be a big trend in the computing industry. Today we'll cover the basics - what are Google Docs, how do they work, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

  20. Laptop with Windows 8 under your Christmas tree?

    If Santa brought you a laptop this year and it's not a Mac, the odds are that it runs on Windows 8. Though your device is brand new there is still some room left for a piece of advice; should you want your machine to work as smoothly as possible, read it all very carefully.