With how pretty much every new chip is getting built-in graphics capabilities, it was only a matter of time before desktops, not just notebooks, got an automatic graphics switching technology, and ASUS's mainboards just chose Virtu. Those familiar with the MSI Big Bang Fuzion series of motherboards probably know of LucidLogix, the company behind the Hydra SoC that allows any video cards, regardless of model or manufacturer, to act in multi-GPU configurations. Continuing its stride in the realm of systems with multiple graphics solutions, the same company created the Virtu software. This solution basically gives any system the ability to automatically switch between the integrated graphics and add-in cards, much like NVIDIA's Optimus and Synergy do on laptops and desktops, respectively. The main difference is that Virtu works for any graphics card, be it made by NVIDIA or Advanced Micro Devices. Now, a press release has revealed that ASUS has adopted Virtu for its mainboards based on the Intel Z68 chipset. “Since ASUS supplies a third of the world’s motherboards, their knowledge and expertise in the market magnifies the importance of a seamless media experience only provided by Lucid,” said Offir Remez, president and founder of Lucid. “The Virtu solution is rapidly becoming a standard, must-have feature and its expanding market acceptance creates a runway for further innovation in both desktop and notebook PC graphics.” As always, the solution will let systems save on energy by using the low-power HD graphics within the Intel Core series CPUs instead of constantly pumping electricity into the video adapter(s). “ASUS again raises the bar with Z68 motherboards,” said Chewei Lin, head of ASUS Motherboard Business Unit. “Empowered by exclusive DIGI+ VRM digital power design, the graphical interface-based UEFI BIOS and Lucid Virtu capabilities, ASUS P8Z68 Series motherboards give our customers faster multimedia transcoding while also providing universal graphics support that takes advantage of every brand’s benefits and features.”