Battlefield 3's Battlelog service, basically DICE's answer to the Call of Duty Elite one, has just seen the release of its first screenshots, depicting how the online stat-tracking and social network will allow players to interact with other Battlefield 3 users later this year. There's a bitter war between two of this year's biggest military first-person shooters, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, so no title wants to lag behind the other in terms of features. After Activision presented the Call of Duty Elite online service, which serves to enhance the regular multiplayer experience in the Call of Duty games with free and premium features, Electronic Arts also revealed the Battlelog service, which is going to offer stat-tracking and even act as a social network for Battlefield 3 players. Now, as Call of Duty Elite kicks off its beta stage, the first screenshots of Battlelog have appeared on the web, being first posted by German Battlefield blog, but quickly taken down. Fortunately, fan site Battlefieldo got them before they went offline, and published the screenshots, which you can find below. In the photos, you can see that Battlelog is a pretty good looking social network, which allows players to chart their progress and performance during the campaign, the cooperative mode as well as the standard multiplayer of Battlefield 3. Besides analyzing their performance, players can also interact with friends and other players of the game, through friends lists and chatting services, as well as see how they fair, through the Battle Feed. Overall, it seems that the Battlelog feature is quite impressive and, seeing as how all the features built into it are completely free, will certainly attract those who don't want to pay any money for premium Call of Duty Elite features. Expect Battlelog to be officially detailed in the following weeks, while Battlefield 3 is set to appear on October 26, for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.