The easiest way to listen to audiobooks on a smartphone or a tablet running Android is by using the default audio player app. However, what about using one of the dedicated apps? Let's have a look at the best of them.

Smart AudioBook Player

1. Smart AudioBook Player
This is one of the best and most equipped applications for audiobook playing. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it remembers where you have stopped listening to a recording. This allows you to create bookmarks and listen to a couple of audiobooks without the fear that once you re-boot the application, you will have to manually look for the latest chapter.

Another interesting feature of the app are folders grouping audiobooks into read, being read and unread. You can also speed up and slow down the reading pace, as well as use a plethora of other options enabling you to personalize the application even further. However, Smartphone AudioBook Player is only available for free for 30 days - afterwards you have to purchase the premium version.

2. LibriVox Audio Books Free
This application allows you not only to listen to audiobooks, but also provides you with numerous books for free (the majority of free library is in English!). Using LibriVox Audio Books Free you can download audiobooks from the Internet or listen to the recordings which are already on your smartphone.

Other features of the application include, among all, displaying books similar to the currently listened to audiobook, setting the off time for the audiobook and an access to detailed descriptions of the books.

3. MortPlayer Audio Books

This is one of the most richly features audiobook players; yet, it has a simple and user-friendly interface that should be easily navigable even for the beginning users. It provides you with features such as bookmarks, folder creation, repeat button, set alarm, gestures and removing files and sending them to friends.