IP Tools

LogMeIn Hamachi

Establish safe and direct connections to computers that are inaccessible  in your local area network.


Expat Shield

Hide your IP when browsing the Internet with a user-friendly program.



A favorable application designed for sharing wireless network connection.


Advanced IP Scanner

Simple, free and fast IP scanner equipped with a set of advanced features.


SMAC MAC Address Changer

Be anonymous in the Internet by changing your MAC address.


Technitium MAC Address Changer

Free tool that lets you change the MAC address of your network interface card.


Wireless Wizard

A lighweight, useful application that allows to analyze network connections.



Free and small application that controls the network usage.


Advanced Port Scanner

Secure your PC with fast and easy-to-use multi-threaded port scanner.                                                            ...


Winhotspot WiFi Router

Transfer files easily with this simple application.