It seems that many PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops players still can't catch a break, as even after the most recent patch, their version of the first person shooter is still filled with glitches and connectivity issues that make the online multiplayer borderline unplayable. Treyarch, the studio responsible for Call of Duty: Black Ops, just launched a patch yesterday, which promised to fix an array of issues, most of which coming from the game's multiplayer mode. Sadly, that hasn't exactly done the trick, as many PlayStation 3 owners are still experiencing horrible multiplayer, due to lag or connectivity issues. When they finally manage to reach the multiplayer mode, many complain that it takes a long time for the title to find an active match, during which it is extremely prone to crashing altogether or freezing the console. As you can imagine, players are extremely disappointed, and the Treyarch PlayStation 3 forums are filled with complaints over the newest patch. Forum threads already have pages in the double digits where people talk about the same issues, including freezes, long matchmaking times, faulty host migrations and terrible lag, once they actually manage to join an ongoing match. As of right now, the studio has yet to issue a statement, but expect actions to be taken as soon as possible and a new patch to arrive in the near future. This really goes against the statements of Treyarch boss Mark Lamia, who revealed during the Spike TV Video Game Awards that players are quite happy and satisfied with Call of Duty: Black Ops on all platforms. The popular first person shooter was also plagued by lag and glitches when it first came out on both the PlayStation 3 and PC, while the Xbox 360 remained pretty much problem-free throughout these months. What do you, PlayStation 3 owners, say? How did your Call of Duty: Black Ops experience go after installing patch 1.04? Share your complaints or praises below.