The new Catalyst 8.7 beta, containing the new version of the display driver, has found a leak on the net. The new Catalyst supports almost every card from the Radeon 9500 all the way up to the newest addition based on the RV770 core. According to the post over at Extremesystems, these new drivers, which are meant to be for press use only, bring a performance boost that was previously announced with the Hotfix and it also brings some improvements with the Crossfire mode. As you may know the previous Catalyst 8.6 came with driver version 8.501 and this beta Catalyst 8.7 comes with a new driver version 8.520. It is available for both Windows XP 32 and 64bit and Windows Vista 32 and 64bit. Catalyst 8.7 beta (Windows XP 32 and 64bit) Catalyst 8.7 beta (Windows Vista 32 and 64bit)