A little more than a week after the Corsair H80 and H100 water coolers have been listed online by a Swedish retailer, the company decided to make these two high-performance Hydro Series models official. Both the H80 and the H100 were designed together with CoolIT and use a low-profile cooling unit with a micro-channel copper cold plate and a split-flow manifold. Right on the CPU block assembly, Corsair has placed a digital fan control button, which allows users to select between three different cooling modes that control the rotation speed of the radiator fans. Speaking of the radiator, this is the only component to differ between the two Hydro Series coolers, as the H80 comes with an 120mm unit, while the H100 features a 240mm radiator. This means that the H100 can only be installed in cases with fittings for a standard 240mm radiator, while the H80 is compatible with almost all chassis that feature an 120mm fan mount. Both the H80 and H100 include a Corsair Link digital connector, which, when combined with the Corsair Link Commander unit and the special Dashboard software, can monitor and control the water cooler's performance. "With the H80 and H100, we've kept our focus on the key features that have made the Hydro Series a success — closed-loop reliability, straightforward installation, and, of course, the best CPU cooling technology available." said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and general manager for Components at Corsair. "The user-selectable fan control and Corsair Link Digital compatibility gives performance enthusiasts the power to customize their cooling performance and manage fan noise by selecting the amount of cooling they need," concluded the company's rep. Both the Hydro Series H80 and Hydro Series H100 will be available starting from June, and their recommended retail price is set at $109 and $119, respectively.