Being the world-known maker of memory products that it is, Crucial figured it was high time it gave something to the server market, so it went ahead and created a Very Low Profile (VLP) high-capacity module. Crucial memory has been created before, but, as always, there is room for more products and also new concepts, or at least improvements for existing ones. The new product that the outfit completed can be said to fall into the latter category, what with it being a memory module with quite the capacity crammed inside a small package. Said small package is the very low profile form factor and the amount of RAM is 16 GB, all of it working at a clock speed of 1,066 MHz. The PCB height is of just 18.75 mm, meaning that blade servers will have more room on the inside, leading to a better airflow and, thus, more effective cooling. Additionally, with 4 GB and 8 GB densities also available, kits can range from 8 GB to 64 GB, meaning that there will not be a shortage of virtual resources should one carry out virtualization tasks. “As part of our ongoing commitment to support high-end server performance, Crucial VLP RDIMM memory was designed with data center computing in mind, utilizing less board space than standard memory modules while optimizing the total installed memory density,” said Michael Moreland, worldwide product manager for Crucial DRAM. An extra asset of the Ram is that it is compliant with the RoHS environment friendliness specifications, plus lower power consumption. All in all, the 16 GB VLP RDIMM will let server makers create systems with higher memory density than usual, lower power usage and lower operational temperatures. Finally, Crucial offers limited lifetime warranty and dedicate toll-free support, plus program benefits like cross-shipment, on-site spares and bulk shipping.