Crucial has recently released a new firmware update, version 0309, for the Crucial m4-series SSDs that is said to resolve the BSOD issues faced by its drives after being used for a certain period of time. We first learned about the problems faced by the m4 solid state drives at the beginning of January when we spotted a lengthy thread on the Crucial forums started by users who were experiencing problems with their SSDs. Crucial quickly responded to its users, and revealed that a bug in the drive’s firmware is causing the repeated BSODs after 5,000 hours of actual use (5184 hours to be more exact), which is roughly equal to 7 months of operation. Back then, Crucial said that a new firmware will be available in two weeks, but fortunately its engineers managed to finalize the new FW version sooner than the initial estimate and this is available right now for download from our servers. The update is recommended for all Crucial m4 solid state drive, even the ones that haven’t experienced such BSODs, as this will prevent the drive from having such issues. Before downloading the firmware, it should be mentioned that this isn’t compatible with SAS Expanders. Crucial is currently working on a firmware update compliant with such hardware (there’s no ETA for its release), but it the meantime if you use a SAS Expander updating the firmware isn’t recommended. Crucial isn’t the first SSD maker to face problems with its solid state drives as Intel’s 320-series products were also affected by a series of issues that could cause data loss. In addition, drives based on second-generation SandForce controllers are notorious for causing BSOD’s out of the blue for many of its users, which have affected their reputation among system builders. New firmware for Crucial m4 SSD drives - Download