Video game developer Crytek plans to create a game for its upcoming first-person shooter Crysis 3 that is similar to that of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in depth but without resorting to the scale that the Bethesda team used. Crytek is interested in offering attention to detail, allowing players to take an in-depth look at the world and the various details the team has created. Rasmus Højengaard, who is the senior creative director working at Crytek, has told that, “In Crysis 3, we want scale, but we don’t want the immense scale that Skyrim has. What we then add is detail within that scale that we decide, so that we get this richness in the environment that we want.” He added, “Skyrim, they’re going for epic, epic scale, which means that their micro-detail is prioritised less. Their micro-detail exists in their grandeur rather than in their let’s-take-a-look-at-this-little-thing-here.” In the first Crysis video game, the development team was able to include a lot of ambient detail that was then dropped for the sequel, because of the urban battleground that was featured. For the third game in the series Crytek will reshape New York, creating an urban area that is ruined and overrun by vegetation, which will once again give it the space it needs to offer detail. Rasmus Højengaard says that players will be able to see the movement of light sources, the sway of the various plants and the movement of animals, all distracting him from his primary goal of progressing through the game. Crysis 3 will also give players more options to interact with the richer environment, including a bow that can be used to take out animals as well as enemies. Crysis 3 was officially revealed after a leak offered information on the game and is being prepared for launch in early 2013 on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.