We're now one step closer to the fabled release of Duke Nukem Forever, as Gearbox Software and 2K Games have officially announcement that the iconic game has reached gold status, meaning it's complete and ready to be printed on discs for its release. Duke Nukem Forever is somewhat of a legend in the gaming industry, with the title being in development since 1997, when 3D Realms officially announced it for platforms that have long since disappeared. Since then, many years have passed, and generations of gamers were left without Duke and his famous one-liners. It all seemed to crumble a few years ago, when 3D Realms dismantled, but Gearbox Software quickly rose to the challenge, took on the project, and promised to see Duke Nukem Forever to fruition. Now, the development is finally complete, as the developer and 2K Games, the publisher, have confirmed that Duke Nukem Forever is Gold. "Duke Nukem Forever is the game that was once thought to be unshipppable, and yet here we are, on the precipice of history," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Today marks an amazing day in the annals of gaming lore, the day where the legend of Duke Nukem Forever is finally complete and it takes that final step towards becoming a reality." It wasn't all smooth sailing for Gearbox, as the studio was forced to make the shameful announcement last month that Duke Nukem Forever wouldn't make its initial release date at the beginning of May. Now, it seems that Duke fans are finally going to experience the game they've waited so long for next month. "Duke Nukem Forever and its journey to store shelves is legendary," said George Broussard, creative director at 3D Realms. "It's an epic tale of four game development studios that banded together and did the unthinkable and shipped the unshipppable." Duke Nukem Forever is going to appear for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 10, around the world, and June 14, in North America, while a demo for members of the Duke Nukem First Access Club, aka those who pre-ordered the game or bought the Borderlands GOTY edition, appears on June 3, for all platforms.