EVGA has recently unveiled the first complete picture of the GTX 580 Classified printed circuit board, allowing us to take a look at the insides of this impressive graphics cards designed especially for extreme overclockers. The GeForce GTX 580 Classified was spotted for the first time at the beginning of July in a series of teaser pictures released by EVGA, and its most distinctive feature is the higher-than-average PCB that was just pictured. As it can easily be concluded from the image provided, this was required in order to accommodate the beefed-up power delivery circuit, which uses top-end components and a couple of Nec/Tokkin proadlizer film capacitors for added voltage stability. Power is drawn from the PSU via two 8-pin and one 6-pin PCI Express connectors. EVGA has used a similar configuration for the GTX 285 Classified, where the 6-pin plug was dedicated to the memory. Just as is the case with most other overclocking-oriented graphics cards, the EVGA GTX 580 Classified includes a series of on-board voltage read points as well as dual BIOS chips. Users can change between the various settings saved in the BIOS files via a switch that is placed on the back of the PCB. Other overclocking friendly features include three power monitoring pin headers and a series of status LEDs for the card's main voltages. No details regarding the operating clocks of the GTX 580 Classified have been revealed, but the graphics card is expected to come factory overclocked. Pricing and availability are also unknown at this time. What we do know however is that EVGA is working on developing a water block for the card. This may be offered in a special liquid-cooled version of the GTX 580 Classified or it may arrive as a standalone part for DIY-ers.