Lately, all sorts of rumors and details about Nvidia's upcoming low-end graphics cards have reached the Web, and it now seems like the Santa Clara based company is interested in launching yet another entry-level solution, which will be dubbed the GT 520 and will use the GF119 core. The existence of the new card and GPU came to light a short while ago when the website received a GT 520 graphics card built by a Chinese manufacturer that goes by the name of ASL. The card arrived in a pretty basic retail box as it targets entry-level desktop systems and is passively cooled via a large dual-slot heatsink that chills only the GPU. A closer examination, also reveals that ASL's creation packs a standard set of video outputs which includes a dual-link DVI port, VGA out and an HDMI port, the last possibly suggesting that Nvidia has built the GT 520 for use in HTPC systems. As for the GF119 core, this is the first time that we see this new GPU mentioned anywhere on the Web, and it seems like this is a cut-back version of the future GF118 that Nvidia plans to use for building the GeForce GT 530. The specifications that were provided by the CPU-Z screenshots posted online also seem to suggest this claim as the card packs only 48 CUDA cores and 8 ROP units while the 1GB of DDR3 memory installed is linked to the GPU via a 64-bit memory bus. Judging by the 3DMark Vantage score provided, the card's performances seem to mimic its specifications as it has only managed a score of 2642 in the performance mode, which is just slightly more than what a Core i7 2600K with integrated graphics can muster in the same benchmark. No official details are available at this moment, but the GeForce GT 520 is expected to go on sale in Europe for less than 50 Euro.