Just a few days before the official announcement of the PSP2, a brand new leak on the web shows off what might be the first official photo of the PlayStation Portable 2, Sony's new portable device. Seeing as how we're nearing the official announcement of the PSP2 from Sony, set to take place on January 27, leaks and rumors have been spreading like wildfire. But while up until now we were treated with just scant details about its power or hardware, a photo has now appeared on the web, showcasing the final appearance of the PSP2, as well as some of the accessories included in what might be the retail package. As you can see above, the PSP2 is strikingly similar to the PlayStation Phone we already saw leaked several weeks ago, bearing the same sliding form factor and button layout. The biggest difference, however, is the fact that the PSP2 has two analog nubs, while the PlayStation Phone (which might be called the Xperia Play) only had a touch-sensitive trackpad in between the D-pad and the Face buttons (X, circle, triangle, square). Also, it seems that the PlayStation Portable 2 will have a 32GB SD memory card included in the package, as well as a PSP2-branded memory stick. A long, thin stylus is also present, confirming that the device will have a touchscreen interface. Bear in mind, however, that the picture, which first appeared on Kotaku, is still just an unconfirmed leak, so it may not reflect how the PSP2 will actually look like. Up until now, the best look we had at the PSP2 was in the form of a mock-up made by an artist for PSM3 magazine, which showcased all of the features rumored at that moment for the PSP2. The new device is set to have improved hardware, making it as powerful as a PlayStation 3, as well as capable of rendering high definition graphics on its OLED screen. The device was also rumored yesterday to have support for 3G networks, meaning it would be able to access the Internet even if it wasn't connected to a wireless network. Until January 27, though, we can't be certain of any of these rumors, so don't get your hopes too high.