If you are an avid social media platform user that relies on hashtags and captions to promote content. This article will introduce you to four of the best apps on Android for automating hashtagging. A super important, yet tedious aspect of having a social media presence.


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Hashtags play a super important role in sorting and cataloguing uploaded photo and video content on a range of different social media platforms. Although hashtags originally started on Instagram, they’ve become an ingrained part of Facebook, Twitter, Minds, and even YouTube. The overall consensus when using hashtags is the more, the better, however, they still need to be relevant. Tagging landscape images with #gym #selfie #fit isn’t going to be helpful in the long run.

Because adding hashtags can be quite a painstakingly boring and time-consuming task, it's no surprise that quite a few different apps have popped up that allow you to automate or semi-automate the process. To save you some time searching through all of these apps, this article will cover 4 of the best hashtag generators on the Play Store right now. Although most of these apps are named after Instagram, you can use them for any service that uses hashtags.

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Automatically Generate Hashtags Using: Best Hashtags For Instagram

First up is Best Hashtags For Instagram, this app is super easy to use and has a massive assortment of hashtags. All of which have been broken down into categories. For example, Nature, Family, Food, People, Fashion, etc. Then within each of these core groups, there are further categories. For example, inside Fashion, you will see categories like Jewelry, Photo Model, High heel shoes, etc with a long list of hashtags to choose from within each section.

To take advantage of this simply select a category, then a sub-category, then copy and paste the hashtag list to Instagram. If you want or need more hashtags, simply enter a new category then copy and paste once more.


If you want even more customisation, you can switch to the Generator at the bottom of the page and generate a ton of hashtags that are all based around a keyword. Above is the result of using #summer as a single keyword. Although Best Hashtags For Instagram is ad-supported, it does a decent job of keeping them out of your way for the most part and any ads that do pop up along the way can easily be bypassed.

Automatically Generate Hashtags & Captions Using: HashFun

Another really good app to generate hashtags with is HashFun. With HashFun you can generate hashtags based on: Popular Categories, Trending, and Auto (which scans your image). HashFun also has a massive list of captions you can also use for your posted images.

the best android apps for making hashtags

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Generate Hashtags Using: Hashtags For Instagram

Another half decent Hashtagging app for Android is Hashtags for Instagram. This app is a little more basic than the two listed above but gets the job done just as good. Simply, open the app, select a category, then copy and paste the list of hashtags. Just be aware of the tags in the popular categories, as they are usually the most cringe-worthy tags and all have an air of desperation to them #likeforalike #follow4afollow, etc. Personally, anyone who needs to use these kinds of tags doesn’t have content worth following… It’s even more likely to be a reposts page.


Automate Hashtagging With Best Hashtags For Instagram

Lastly, we have Best Hashtags For Instagram (not the same as the first one). The final hashtag generator app for Android devices. As with all those that have come before it, this app allows you to quickly and easily choose a category, then copy and paste hashtags from its database. Of all the apps listed, this is the most basic, however, still gets the job done. As with Hashtags For Instagram, Best Hashtags popular categories are generally littered with desperate-sounding hashtags so you may again wish to avoid using them. That being said, the other categories are quite good.



Of the four apps listed here, I would be leaning towards either of the first two options for their extensive list of categories and auto-generating features. However they are a little larger, so may not be the best fit for our device if it is running low on storage space. If there are any other Hashtag generating apps out there that you think we missed, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.