Grand Theft Auto V is finally official, as Rockstar Games, its developer and publisher, has put a massive splash screen on its website with the logo of the upcoming title. The Grand Theft Auto series is definitely one of the most popular franchises in gaming and Rockstar more than knows this, opting to create hype around the next installment by just publishing its logo and letting the legions of fans freak out until the actual trailer for the game is released. As such, when you try to access any sort of Rockstar webpage, you're greeted with the massive logo, which you can enjoy above and an inscription that says a trailer for GTA V should appear on November 2, this year. Besides the logo and the trailer date, however, it's anybody's guess what the new game will actually include or portray, despite earlier rumors from casting calls and website domain registrations. Expect more details about Grand Theft Auto V soon.