If you feel frustrated with the full screen Start menu, and you want to change its size in such a way as to be able to get access to the startup from the desktop, then ImmersiveTaille is a perfect solution for you. Now we are going to take a look on how to use it and make a new Start Screen available on the classic desktop.

When compared to other Start Screen tools for customizing Windows 8 features, ImmersiveTaille does not try to remove the novelties introduced by Microsoft.The main goal of the developers was to create a tool for customizing the size and position of the new Start Screen, while allowing them to access the taskbar and other parts of the desktop. The application displays the Start Screen in smaller size, for example presenting only one row of tiles which can be easily moved. And on top of this, it prevents the switch from one environment into another.

You can download the application from our website-ImmersiveTaille for Windows 8.

Once you launch the application, it greets you with a setting screen. First of all, you need to switch the language, which is set to be French by default. To change the language, click the flag button at the bottom-left corner of the window and select English. All features can be easily accessed from the three tabs situated at the top-right.

Regarding the Basic tab, it lets users choose desired position for displaying the Start Screen. There is a list of options to choose from, namely Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Fullscreen + Taskbar modes. The changes are applied automatically since you select an option.

Moving to the Advanced tab, the program allows you to adjust the size of Start Menu to your needs and preferences. With this function, you can customize precisely the width and height dimensions as well as specify the distance from the edge of X and Y. The larger the size, the more rows of tiles to fit.

If you decide to keep the program permanently, it is advisable to enter the "Settings" and select "Start with Windows" (automatic startup of the system) and "Windows notification area". The latter adds the app’s system tray icon, so that we can quickly open the window and apply any changes in the future).

For sure, the application will appease those who are not satisfied with the fact of having the start screen on the entire desktop. In turn, people who do not mind full screen mode should be glad to have the taskbar displayed on the start screen, so they can always have a preview of what is happening on the desktop.