Although batteries in smartphones and tablets can be recharged thousands of times, each recharge reduces the batteries overall capacity a minute amount. After years of charging and discharging a battery will have lost a considerable portion of its charge capacity, so if you suspect your phone’s battery may be on the way out, this guide will show you how to health check your battery.


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It may not seem like it a lot of the time, especially when your phone is constantly below 50% charge but battery technology has come a long way since the early days of mobile devices. Even though batteries are still the weakest tech aspect of modern devices, they deserve some serious credit, as they are under a lot of constant strain, charging and discharging on an endless cycle.

Because of this constant onslaught of work, batteries will start to show weakness over time, usually becoming noticeable after 12 months or so. The average smartphone battery should last about 3-4 years before losing the ability to keep your device charged for a full day, however, if you suspect your device's battery may be starting to fail early, the below steps will show you how to check.

How to Check Battery Health on Android Devices.

As most Android devices are now coming sealed with internal, non-swappable batteries, the only easy way to check battery health is with diagnostic tools. Thankfully there are dozens of options available on the Play Store that offer these services. Unfortunately, not all of these services are reliable and accurate, so you will have to spend some time researching apps and reading the reviews if you want to pick one out for yourself. If you aren’t up for that kind of work, one that comes highly recommended is called AccuBattery.

Download AccuBattery From Google Play.

Once you install the app and open it, you will be taken through several screens that detail how the app works and some of the research undertaken to establish battery health standards. The main point being that charging your phone to 80% can extend battery life by 200%. During the process of swiping through the introduction, AccuBattery will also detect your phones make and model, which is used to get information about the battery.

how do you know if your battery is failing on android

In order for AccuBattery to gauge an understanding of your phone’s battery health, it will need to run on your phone for several days (minimum) to gather data about your phone batteries charge, usage and discharge cycling. This information is then compared with information from brand new batteries on the same device, which establishes overall battery health. Once this information is available, you’ll be able to view the data from the Health tab within AccuBattery. If the comparison between Estimated Capacity and Design Capacity is quite bad, it’s probably time to spend the money on replacing the battery, if the battery cost and labor aren’t too steep. A lot of the time, unfortunately, replacing a smartphone battery isn't as cost effective as purchasing a new phone.

How to check battery life on android