Peepcoin (PCN) aka DAPS is a relatively new cryptocurrency that has recently starting gaining popularity because of its cheap price and staking rewards. If you have acquired some Peepcoin (PCN) and are trying to stack your coins into one nice big pile to earn rewards, this guide will show you how.


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Although Peepcoin is a relatively new project (entirely new dev team) it’s revival story and upcoming rebrand is something to admire. Even though PCN ‘aka’ DAPS is still only available on two low volume exchanges, its popularity is soaring on the promise of 100% return on staking, plus the future option to set up a master node to earn passive income after the change over to DAPS.

If you are an early investor who has purchased PCN and is looking into staking them, it's best to make sure all your coins are stacked into one pile within the wallet to make the most out of your potential gains. Though this isn't 100% required to start staking, it will increase your network weight. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect, so follow along as this guide shows you how to combine PCN stacks ‘aka’ addresses ‘aka’ received funds into one big pile.

Note: If you already have mature coins (highlighted green), this stack compilation will reset the timer and you’ll have to wait another 24hrs for them to become mature and eligible for reward.

How Do You Combine PeepCoin Addresses (Stacks) in the Wallet?

To begin, make sure you have the PCN wallet open and fully synced. Next click on Settings > Options.

Note: If you don't want to wait for the sync, you can download the latest Bootstrap from the PCN webstie. They also have a full set of instructions on how to set it up.

how to combine pcn stacks within the wallet

Then change to the Display tab. Here make sure the tick box for Display coin Control Features (experts only!) has a tick in it.

how do you stack pcn in the wallet

Next, go to the Send Coin tab, click Inputs.

stacking peepcoin wallet addresses

Then change to List Mode. This will display a list of all the transactions into your wallet, even if they have all gone to the same address, they will still register as separate transactions. Now select them all and copy the After Fee from the top right-hand corner, then click Ok.

how to combine peepcoin stacks in wallet

Now all you have to do is copy the after fee figure into the Amount box on the Send Page, enter your own wallet address and send the coins to yourself. (Make sure you double check the address a few times to make sure it's correct)

how to stack peepcoin inside the wallet

There is a super tiny fee, which is usually about 0.0001 PCN for the transaction, basically nothing at the current price. All you have to do now is wait for the transfer to complete, which is usually under a minute.

If you already have mature coins (highlighted green), this stack compilation will reset the timer and you’ll have to wait another 24hrs for them to become mature and eligible for reward. If you have one big stack and a small stack, it's best to wait until just after a reward to do your stack combining.

How Do You Stake PCN in the Official Wallet?

Once you have your coins in a single stack, make sure the wallet is open and unlocked and your coins will automatically start staking. Along the bottom of the wallet interface, you will see a list of icons and colors, hover your mouse over any of them to get more info. Once the small grey icon in the bottom right-hand corner to the right of the padlock turns purple your coins have begun the staking process. Now all you have to do is wait. (You can find the option to unlock your wallet under Settings)

As the reward is random, you may have to wait one day, you may have to wait a week, though the longer you wait the bigger the reward. All in all the return rate is 100% return after 12 months staking (that's if you don't have any downtime) The best method is to make sure you open your wallet at least once every 24hrs and allow it to fully sync. You don't need to leave it running 24/7, though you do need to make sure your coins have matured before turning off your computer. If you happen to get an Orphaned Block it won't reset your coin weight. If you get a 'generated but not received'/orphaned block, your coins will stake more next time to make up for the originally lost stake. 

Note: Keep in mind it will take 24hr for your coins to mature before they will stake. This will reset every time you get paid a reward.

For more information on PCN/DAPS make sure you check out their website.