If you have one or more TIFF files that you need to convert into PDF format in a rush, this article will guide you through the process. Offering a variety of different online tools you can use to get the conversion done quickly and easily.


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TIFF image format ‘aka’ Tagged Image File Format is a common image format used for storing a range of different image types, including raster graphics, graphic design projects, and photos. Although it isn’t as popular as jpg or png it has great image quality and has found its niche in the scanning, faxing, word processing, and page-layout application arena.

Converting TIFF images between other image formats is a relatively easy task and can be done using a variety of different programs you probably already have installed on your computer, Photoshop, Gimp, and of course Microsoft Paint. However, if you are looking to convert TIFF to a different format, that isn’t specifically an image format, PDF, for example, it’s best to use free online tools.

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Convert TIFF Format Images to PDF Using Convertio.

The first and one of the most popular online tools you can use to convert TIFF format files to PDF is called Convertio. Convertio is one of the most popular file conversion tools available online and allows you to convert just about any format you can think of, to any other format you can think of. (obviously within reason)

To convert TIFF files to PDF visit the Convertio website and upload your TIFF format image. Once your image has been uploaded, select PDF from the documents section, then proceed with the conversion.

When the conversion process finishes, you can choose to download the file in its standard size or choose to compress it using the compression option next to download. For a quick size comparison, I compressed a 7.54 Mb PDF file into a 142 kb PDF file without any noticeable quality difference until I zoomed in 200%, which is an amazing achievement.

how to convert tiff to pdf using online tools

Convert TIFF Format Images to PDF Using TIFF to PDF.

Another tool you can use to convert TIFF format files to PDF is TIFF to PDF. This tool is a lot simpler than Convertio and only requires you to upload a TIFF file, then click Combined to download the PDF output file. The entire process only takes a few seconds (depending on your upload speed) and the file quality is exceptionally good. TIFF to PDF doesn’t give you the option to compress your PDF file but it does automatically reduce the size. For my test conversions, it was about 25%.

how to convert tiff to pdf using online tools

Convert TIFF Format Images to PDF Using Online2PDF.

The next online tool you can use to convert TIFF files to PDF is called Online2PDF and is a subtle mix of the first two options. Again simply upload your TIFF file, select PDF as your output format, then click Convert. Online2PDF will convert your file to PDF format, then automatically download it to your computer. It will also compress the file by about 50% without any visible loss of quality.

how to convert tiff to pdf

If you are looking for even more features, Online2PDF has the ability to merge all your uploaded TIFF files (and other formats) into one PDF file. Simply upload multiple files and change the mode at the bottom from Convert Files Separately to Merge. In most cases, each image you upload and convert will be placed on a separate page in the PDF file.

how to convert tiff to pdf


All of the above tools are great at what they do and offer some unique features that you will find useful in different situations. If you need to convert and compress files to extremely small sizes without losing quality choose Convertio. If you just need a quick, no fuss conversion solution, choose TIFF to PDF. Finally, if you need to merge your image content into one PDF file, choose Online2PDF.