If you are looking for a quick and easy setup guide showing you how to mine Bytecoin (BCN) using your computers CPU, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you the entire setup process from start to finish including setting up the Bytecoin (BCN) wallet.


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Mining cryptocurrencies from your computer may seem like a difficult, complicated task at first, but in reality, it’s actually quite the opposite. In this guide, you will learn how to setup the Bytecoin desktop wallet (recommended wallet) and start mining Bytecoin using your computer’s CPU. Although at some stages the guide may look a little complicated persist with it and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

How Do You Setup the Bytecoin (BCN) Desktop Wallet?

As with all crypto mining operations, the first thing you need to set up is a digital wallet for your coins to be sent to and stored in. Just like most other coins, Bytecoin has a variety of wallet options available for download on their website. As we mentioned above we’ll be using the desktop wallet, which you can download from the Bytecoin website linked below.


how to start mining bcn with cpu

Once you have downloaded the correct wallet for your operating system, setting it up is relatively easy. To begin open the file as you would any other program you’ve downloaded in the past (you may get a prompt/false positive from Windows Defender or your antivirus which you need to skip/ignore to proceed) When the installation process finishes, find and open the Bytecoin wallet in the start menu under Bytecoin > Wallet (GUI).

Note: Sometimes when you first open the wallet it will open in fullscreen mode or slightly off center so you won’t be able to view the full wallet interface. You can identify this by the lack of text options in the top left-hand corner of the interface. If this happens, shrink the window from the bottom right-hand corner until you can drag it into full view.

Next click Wallet, then select Create New Wallet and save the wallet information to a safe place on your computer.

how do you mine bytecoin with cpu

Before the wallet setup concludes, you will need to enter a password, which is used to access the wallet each and every time you open it on your PC. Make sure you set a really strong password and make a copy of it. If you lose the password your wallet/money/coins are lost forever.

bytecoin cpu mining setup guide

Note: Once you complete the setup process, you should take the time to make a backup of the wallet folder, saving it to an encrypted USB for example. If you don’t know how to make an encrypted USB check out our guide here)

Now that you have set a password, the wallet is ready to use, however, it will take a considerable amount of time to sync. (You can check the progress of the sync at the bottom of the interface) You can ignore the sync status of the wallet for the rest of the setup process.

At the top of the interface, you will see a long random code that looks similar to the one below.


This is your Bytecoin (BCN) wallet address, which you will be using in the next part of the guide, so keep the wallet open.

how do you cpu mine bytecoin

How Do You Mine Bytecoin With Your CPU? (Bytecoin CPU Miner Setup)

Now that you have a Bytecoin wallet, you can set up the Bytecoin CPU miner. There are a number of CPU miners available for download, however, one of the better, more compatible ones on offer is XMR-STAK-CPU, which you can download below from GitHub.


setting up cpu miner for bytecoin

Once you have the file on your computer, extract it into a new easy to find folder. Something like Bytecoin CPU Miner is a good choice. The next step is to configure the miner for your system, to do this find the config.txt file in the miner folder and open it with notepad. A lot of the information inside the config file is to help you set up your miner but in all honesty, it’s overwhelming.

Below you will find a comparison image showing the default config file and an edited, working configuration (you may have to save the image file to open and view it in full resolution). Now the objective is to change your config.txt file to mimic the one on the right as shown in the image. (inputting your information where required) Alternatively, you can download the condensed config.txt file here, then just swap out the default data with your own.

bcn cpu mining set up guide

The section of code shown below is how many CPU cores your CPU will be using to mine BNC. If you have an 8 core CPU, the miner config should look something like the one below. If you have more or less cores, just add or remove lines from the list (starting from the bottom). You can also configure an 8 core CPU to only mine using 4 cores by removing the bottom 4 entries.

bytecoin cpu mining guide

Once you have set how many cores your CPU has or will be using, the next step is to enter your Mining Pool Address. Your mining pool address will differ depending on what pool you wish to join, so this part is completely up to you, I’m currently using the following UK pool as I'm Europe based.


My pool address in the config.txt file looks like this:

"pool_address" : "bytecoin.uk:7777",

If you are looking for Bytecoin (BCN) mining pools to join check out Minergate and Bytecoin Party or just Google search until you find something you like. However, feel free to use the pool address listed above until you find something better.

Important: The 4 digits you see at the end of the address is the mining port difficulty, the higher the number, the harder your CPU will work, in turn meaning better rewards. You may need to test several different ports to get the best balance for your hardware. 9999 is the highest difficulty with the most rewards but will work your hardware to the extreme, meaning higher temps, more power consumption, and less lifespan.


The final step in the process of setting up your Bytecoin CPU miner is entering your wallet address into the config.txt file. This is the easiest part of the process and only requires you to copy and paste the address at the top of your wallet into the correct place in the config.txt file. It should look something like this:

how do you mine bcn with cpu

Now that you have configured your CPU cores, added your pool information, and put in your wallet address, Save all the information and the miner will be ready to use. To start the miner simply double-click on the xmr-stak-cpu.exe file and it will start mining BCN. If the miner command window closes as soon as it starts or just sits blank, you have entered some of the information incorrectly, so go back and double check your config.txt file.

set up guide for cpu mining bytecoin

It may take some time for your first batch of coins to hit your wallet so be patient. You should also check to see what the payout figure for your mining pool is so you know how many coins you have to mine before they are sent to your wallet. If you’re also looking to setup Bytecoin (BCN) GPU mining on your computer, check out the setup guide below.

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