How to create and send GIF’s in WhatsApp on Android.

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The WhatsApp user community have been asking for GIF support for a very long time, now finally WhatsApp have added it in their newest update. Unfortunately for a little while longer it is currently still only available via “APK”. If you are interested in testing out the new feature though below you can find a tutorial on how to install and use APK files. The new WhatsApp feature allows for videos of 6 seconds or less to be converted into a GIF image to be sent, to anyone on your contacts list. Users can also send GIF files they have downloaded from other sources online. Remember: This is currently only available on Whatsapp beta versions for android, on final realease of the App after beta, both these options are likely to be added and usable in the same ways as shown in this quick guide, so its good to get in early.


Information on how to Install APK Files on your Android Smartphone or Tablet can be found here. 

So the two methods for sending GIF videos on "Whatsapp". The first one is as we mentioned earlier, by creating your own GIF using your phone’s camera, remembering it can be no longer than 6 seconds. The second option for sending .GIF’s is to save them to your device from another source, such as "gfycat", "Giphy" or just about anywhere else on the internet really.

Note: Below is forAndroid WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.242 beta (Android 2.3.4+)

Method one Creating and sending a GIF via your phone’s camera in WhatsApp Version 2.16.242 beta

To send a GIF image, head to the "attachment icon" on the top of a chat screen within the application. After selecting the "attachment option", choose the "record video option". Now record a six second (or less) video. Before sending the newly recorded video, the editing screen will pop up with a camcorder icon in the top right corner of the page. Upon selecting the camcorder icon, it icon will flip to GIF and the recorded video will then be converted into a GIF video.


Notably, this GIF conversion feature will also function for any videos within the gallery, that are six seconds or less. Additionally, any previously recorded video can be trimmed to six seconds or less, using WhatsApp’s built-in video trimmer and turned into a GIF file. Just remember that the video recorder icon will not be displayed for videos that have not been adjusted to a length of six seconds or less.

Note: Don’t forget that GIF files do not contain any audio.

The videos will be converted to a GIF and dropped into the conversation to play. However, if you're on the prowl for the GIF on your phone, to send onwards again, you won't find it. You will probably search high and low looking as I did before realising, it was only saved as a Mp4 file. If you look in the WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Animated GIFs/Sent folder. You will find the recorded files. Regardless of the saved file format you see, the file was sent and received as a GIF. labeled in the conversation as a GIF and plays as a GIF should.

Android WhatsApp Messenger, version 2.16.342 Beta

If you have downloaded the newest "APK Version" of Android WhatsApp Messenger, version 2.16.342 Beta or newer the create your own GIF function as talked about above has been removed. Leaving only the option to send GIF files pre downloaded from else where. This is the second option for sending and is located in a strange place. To find the location of your saved GIF’s you will have to go to the "attachment icon" at the top right hand side of your open chat window. In there go to the "Gallery" and flick over to the "GIFS tab", now just find the GIF you would like and send. If you are using an older APK version of WhatsApp this function might not be added yet. It was put in somewhere between version: 2.16.242 Beta and 2.16.342 Beta.  On final realease of the App after beta, both these options are likely to be added and usable in the same ways as shown in this quick guide.


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