If you are a regular Instagram user, you’ve probably come across pages and profiles featuring a photo grid, a group of several photo segments that come together to form an entire image. The effect is pretty cool and quite easy to create, so follow along as we show you how to make your very own Instagram Photo grids.


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At some stage, even if you don’t use Instagram all that often, you have probably come across an account or profile with a very impressive looking Photo grid. Creating these photo grids used to be a painstaking task, with the images needing to be prepared prior to posting (manually cut into segments using a program like photoshop or gimp). Now though, there are a variety of different automated Apps which you can use to create your own Instagram Photo Grid. 

Creating Photo Grids on Instagram using Android Devices.

Originally, creating a photo grid for Instagram was a painstaking manual task, where an image was cut into sections before being posted as individual parts until a full image was formed. Thankfully, this is a thing of the past and you can now create Instagram photo grids using special Apps dedicated to the task. There are quite a few options available on the Play Store you can experiment with, we have selected one of the easier to use and better-rated Apps called Instagrid: Grids for Instagram for this guide. Below is an example of a photo grid made with Instagrid.

how are photo grids made for instagram

Using Instagrid is really easy, first, of course, you will have to download the App from the Play Store, then launch it. From the main screen tap the big blue image icon, this will open your phone’s gallery, allowing you to select an image to use in a grid. Once you have selected an image, you will be shown a selection of different grid options, they Start from 3x1 and go right up to 3x5. When you have picked a size that works for you, use the four white circles on each side of the grid to adjust the crop, depending on your image, you will probably have to crop out a fair portion in order for it to fit on your screen.   

After you have finished positioning your image, tap Done. On the next screen, you will see a numbered layout of your new photo grid. Unfortunately, you can’t just tap Post to Instagram and have Instagrid upload all the images instantly. Instead, you’ll need to tap each numbered section and upload the image manually.

For example, tap Number 1, follow the usual posting steps, then when it says finished, tap Back on your phone, now repeat the process for Number 2. You’ll need to do this for all the numbers in the grid. It’s actually way quicker than you might think, I managed to post the below grid in about 40 seconds.

 how do you make instagram photo grids

As soon as you have posted the last image, you can view your grid from your profile page. The only real downside to posting photo grids is that you will be spamming your followers with weird portions of an image. If they aren’t loyal or don't know you are posting a photo grid, they will most likely unfollow you.    

Creating Photo Grids on Instagram using iOS Devices.

iPhone and iOS devices also have the option to use the Instagrid app, which uses the exact same process as Android, so if for a detailed list of instructions check under the Android heading above.

Below are two other Instagram photo grid creation apps that you might like to try if you didn't really enjoy using Instagrid. If you know of any other or better Apps that allow you to create Instagram photo grids, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.  

9Cut For Instagram (Android) Tile Pic (iOS)