Currently, by default, opening a new tab in Microsoft edge opens a new page containing a ton of app suggestions and random news content. As well as being a messy cluttered interface, it also slows down the entire new tab opening process. The good news is the way these tabs open is customisable, which means you can speed up and declutter new tabs in Microsoft Edge.


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Just like all other browsers, Microsoft Edge allows you to open new tabs to quickly navigate to different content. Unfortunately, in doing so it also brings along a ton of mostly useless content in the form of suggested apps and news articles. The worst part about this added content is that it’s not only a mess and cluttered but it also slows down the entire process of opening a new tab.

The reasoning behind why Microsoft would decide to do this seems strange considering, almost everyone who’s opening a new tab is trying to get to their desired content as quickly as possible. Luckily, if you hate the way new tabs open and you’d like to remove all the junk it can be done quite easily, so long as you know where to look. Below are all the steps you need to follow to speed up your Edge experience.

speed up new tabs opening in edge

How to Speed Up & Declutter Microsoft Edge Tabs.

To start the process, open Microsoft Edge, then open a New Tab as you normally would. Once the new tab has loaded fully, you will see a row of suggested apps, random news and weather updates for your location. On the far right-hand side of the page, in the upper corner, you will see the text: Hide Feed next to a Cog icon, click either to open the Settings menu.

load new tabs as blank in edge

On this page, you will see quite a few different customisable options. For the quickest Edge experience, you will want to set the very first option: Page display settings for a new tab to Blank Page. This will remove all the clutter and junk that loads when you open a new page, speeding up the process considerably.

how to remove news and stuff from edge home page

Alternatively, you can just remove the bottom row of news and weather content by choosing Top Sites. Which is also a lot faster. If you don’t want a completely blank page and just want to change what you see news and content-wise, there are also options to change the location content is coming from, as well as a few options for news preferences News, Sport, Lifestyle, etc.

Once you are done making changes, you will need to click the blue Save icon at the bottom of the page, otherwise, all your changes will revert as soon as you close the browser. Changing to a Blank Page instantly makes a huge difference in new tab load times and is well worth the change, it’s also a much nicer looking, even though you’ll only be on the page for a few seconds. If at any stage you wish to customise your settings once again, simply click either of the two text lines shown in the centre your newly opened blank page.

  • Show top sites
  • Show top sites and my feed.

stop new tabs in edge opening with news and apps