If you are looking for a way to delete all of your old Facebook posts without having to scroll through them one by one, deleting them all individually. This article will show you an easy way to automate the process, allowing you to set and forget the task until it is complete.


How to Delete Facebook Messages in Bulk.

Most people who have a Facebook account have probably thought about deleting old posts from the service, only to find that there isn’t an option to do so in bulk. This is because Facebook’s revenue stream is reliant on your data, so making it as hard to delete as possible is in their best interest.

Officially the only way to delete posts from Facebook is to do so one by one, which for a lot of people is a major deal breaker, in turn forcing them to give up on the idea. This concept didn’t bode well with me, so in 2017 I spent 30 minutes a day over several weeks manually deleting Facebook posts from my account which dated back to 2008. Thankfully! As I recently discovered, it doesn’t have to be that difficult anymore, there is now an extension that will handle the entire Facebook post deletion process automatically.

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How Do You Delete Old Facebook Posts in Bulk? (Mass Delete Facebook Posts)

To remove your old Facebook posts in bulk the only option currently available is Social Book Post Manager. This Chrome extension will allow you to delete Facebook posts from your account with ease using a few filters to help sort through the mess. To use Social Book Post Manager, add it to Chrome then sign into Facebook and go to the Activity Log page by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner of Facebook.

how do you delete facebook posts in bulk

Once you are on this page, click the extension icon to open the extensions filter list. This will open a new window with four different options:

Delete: Deletes all the posts from your account forever.

Hide/Unhide: Will hide or unhide posts on your Timeline.

Unlike: Will unlike any and all Timeline content you may have liked in the past.

Backup: Will download a backup of your entire Timeline. Personally, I wouldn’t use this option from the extension and instead use the official Facebook account backup/download tool.

The most important thing on this page after selecting your desired option and time frame is the speed. Make sure you choose the slowest speed possible. If you choose to run Social Book Post Manager at the fastest speed, it won’t remove all the content. This isn’t any fault of the extension and is entirely Facebook related, as Facebook filters posts it shows on your Timeline it won’t always show everything….

facebook posts delete in bulk

Note: Even when I was sure I had manually deleted everything, I would still occasionally find something Facebook didn’t show me. Even after an entire year of showing everything as deleted, Facebook found an old post it missed…

Tip: For the best results, disable all other non-essential extensions, ad-blockers, etc. The less interference with how Facebook loads the better.

Once you have set all your parameters, you can start the process, which will need to run in the background for quite a long time. If you have years of posts to remove, I would suggest starting it before you go to bed and checking in the morning. When the process has finished, you may still have content left behind, if you do, simply run the scan again, and again until it is all gone.

Note: There will be some content that can’t be deleted (by the tool or manually), with this content, you will have to use the hide option. Personally, I would just go through and manually hide any of this content after the delete scan has completed, rather than running the hide scan.

Alternatively, it there aren’t many posts left, you can delete them manually. As mentioned above, this isn’t a shortcoming of the extension, it is how Facebook loads posts on your timeline. Just remember that once everything is deleted, it is gone forever.