Learn how to quickly and easily remove/delete pages from PDF files on Windows 10. A task that is surprisingly hard to get done for free, as Adobe’s free reader Acrobat doesn’t include the ability to remove content from PDF files.


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If you are struggling to remove/delete a page/s from a PDF document on Windows 10, there’s a good chance you’ve tried using all the usual PDF tools, including Adobe Acrobat (free) Sadly, none of these tools allow you to remove pages from PDFs without paying for the full version or a subscription.

Although there are tons of options available online as well, most of them are terrible at doing such a simple task and require more input effort than they are worth. The only decent online tool I have come across that allows for pages to be removed/deleted with ease has been Sejda but I’d still be careful uploading sensitive documents to an online tool like this. For more sensitive documents it’s always best to use a local tool you can lock down and restrict Internet access to.

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How Do You Remove Pages From PDF Documents on Windows 10?

To remove pages from PDF files and documents locally, one of the best tools to use is PDFshaper. Although there are three different versions available, two of which are paid, you’ll be able to use the free version to remove pages from PDF documents, so don’t worry about purchasing the software. Once you have downloaded and installed the free version of PDFshaper, using it is relatively easy. (Just be sure to decline the bundled software during the installation, Opera browser and Avast Antivirus).

To remove pages from a PDF document using PDFshaper do the following. First, open the tool and choose the option to Delete Pages from the main screen.


Then, on the next screen click the Add option and add the file you wish to remove pages from.

How_to_Delete_Pages_From_PDF_Documents_on Windows_10

Once the file has been added, click Process and enter the page number/s you would like to be deleted from the PDF document.

Delete_Pages_From_PDF_Documents_on Windows

Click Process again, then name the file and choose a location you would like the edited document saved to. It will take the tool a few seconds to remove the pages, then allow you to open the file.

How_to_remove_Pages_From_PDF_Documents_on Windows_10

For a free tool, the process is super fast and exceptionally easy to use. The output quality is also very good with no risk of corruption in the newly created file. Even if you only grabbed PDFshaper to remove pages from PDF files, it’s worth keeping around for all the other PDF features it has.

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