If you have always wondered if you could download the stories of people you follow on Instagram, wonder no more! There is now a way to download Instagram stories of people you follow and people you don’t follow. The only catch is that you will need a Windows computer to do so. Unfortunately, for the time being, there isn’t a mobile option available.


How to Download All the Pictures and Videos From an Instagram Account, Even if You Aren't a Follower.

Downloading Instagram stories is now possible using your Windows PC and a free App from the Windows Store. Once you have the app, you will be able to download any Instagram story you like. Both people you follow and people you don’t. The app is called Story Saver and is available for download from the Windows Store, free of charge. (There is also a paid version available with extra features)

The free version of Story Saver, allows you to download up to 10 Instagram stories per day and view as many stories as you would like (anonymously). If you would like to increase the number of downloads per day from 10 to unlimited, you can upgrade to the paid version for $4.99. Before splurging and downloading the paid version, make sure you spend a little time with the free version, who knows, you might not use it or like it as much as you first thought. Links to the paid and free versions can be found below.

Download Instagram Stories with Story Saver Free.
Download Instagram Stories with Story Saver Paid $4.99.

how do you download an instagram story

How to Download Instagram Stories. (Windows 10)

Once you have downloaded and installed either version of Story Saver, you will need to launch the app and log in using your Instagram username and password. As soon as you are signed, you will be brought to a screen where you can see all the stories from the people you follow. Clicking on the profile picture of one of the people or pages listed will bring you to a new screen. (you also will see the username underneath each profile picture, they have been removed from the below screenshot for privacy reasons)

where do you download instagram stories

Here you will see a green download button underneath each story posted by that particular user. Simply click the download button to save story/stories to the pictures folder on your computer. (You can download both video stories and photo/image stories) Just remember that if you are using the free version you will only get 10 story downloads per day.

Instagram stories download

To view or download the stories of people you don’t follow, type their profile name into the search box above the listed stories. As with any other search, the results will be displayed as soon as you press enter. If the person or account you are looking for appears below your searched text, click their profile picture and replicate the same download steps you used for followers.

how do you download instagram stories

Note: Both the free and paid versions allow you to view as many stories as you like (unlimited) for people you follow and people you do not follow.