Play Store offers a lot of apps, games, widgets and others tools for your smartphones and tablets that use the Android system. Below you will see how you can download them without having to register an account.

Google collects information about you. By logging into Mounatain View's service, you share an awful lot of information. Same thing happens when you want to use the Play Store. In orded to use it, you need to create an account with an email address. What is most commonly done by the users is submitting their main Gmail e-mail account.

There is a solution, but it's rather a half measure – you can use an e-mail, that you have created only to access certain services, such as downloading certain apps. Below we will show you an easy way to download apps form Google Play without the need to create an account in Google's store.

In order to download the APK boundle from the Play Store, you need to access APK's Downloaders website. First, you need copy the app's URL from the Play Store, then you have to paste it on the APK Downloader website and finally you need to click the 'Generate Download Link' button. Now all that there is left to be done is downloading the APK bundle onto your computer.