If you have been using the Microsoft Outlook email app on your Android devices, longing for dark mode to be added, the wait is finally over. It’s now possible to enable dark mode for Outlook on your Android device.


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Over the last few years, Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money streamlining and improving their core range of apps, programs, clients, and of course operating systems. This has seen Windows 10 get major biannual updates that have refined the way we interact with the operating system and linked devices. Although these updates generally only contain a couple of big, noticeable features, it’s the small tweaks that make most of the difference. A personal favourite of mine being dark mode for Settings and more recently File Explorer.

What’s even better about this focus is that Microsoft has also been working hard on their mobile apps, including Outlook, which has finally been given a fully working dark mode that complements the Windows 10 theme. So if you really want to enable dark mode in Outlook on your Android device, but haven’t figured out where to do it, follow along as we guide you through the process. Just be aware that the feature is slowly rolling out globally, so it may be a few days or weeks before you see the option appear in the menus.

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How Do You Enable Dark Mode For Outlook On Android Devices?

To turn on dark mode in Outlook on Android you’ll need to make sure your app is updated to Outlook version 3.0.137 or newer. Once you have done this, you will have access to the new theme. Now that you have updated your app version, tap the Hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, then tap the Settings Cog in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. On this page, all you have to do is tap Theme, then select the theme you’d like to use. In this case, Dark Theme. That’s it, the change is complete and you can now start enjoying the brand new easy on the eyes, battery-saving dark theme for Outlook on Android.


On a side Note…

If you also happen to be using the WhatsApp Windows 10 client on your computer, make sure you check out the following article which will show you how to add a great new dark theme to the interface. This easy to add third-party change will allow you to view WhatsApp with a completely dark-themed interface.

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