Certainly you have come across a situation in which you need to access files on the remote PC when you are not at home. However, using a home computer at work is not possible. Therefore, Windows 8 comes with a built-in remote desktop functionality, that lets you access a remote PC and interact with it as if you were sitting in front of that PC.

Uaktywnianie opcji zdalnego pulpitu w Windowsie 8

It is possible to use your home computer on other desktops, but it requires a few settings to make.

1.Enabling Remote Desktop

To access a Windows 8 PC remotely, we need to activate the system remote access feature. To do so, go to Start Search, and then type "remote desktop". Windows 8 will display the search engine, where you need to find the "Settings" tab. Next, in the Settings results list, find the item titled Allow remote access to your computer.

remote desktop

This item opens the System Properties control panel. From this point, go to the Remote tab.

remote desktop

Select "Allow remote connections to this computer". You can also tick off the option to allow connections only from computers with authentication. Leaving this option selected ensures more safety, but limits the scope of a systems that can connect with us. Press OK to close the control panel.

2. Adjusting firewall settings.

Once you enabled Remote Desktop, set the firewall so as to permit remote connections. To do so, go to the Start Search and insert "firewall.cpl" command and then select it from the list on the left.

This will launch a firewall configuration window. Next, select the "Allow application or feature through Windows Firewall" from the sidebar. After selecting this option you will be presented with a window where you can select the programs and functions that we want to pass through the Firewall. To edit the settings, click on the "Change Settings" and then find and select the "Remote Desktop".

remote desktop

Click OK to confirm the settings. From that moment Firewall will allow remote connections.

3. Connecting to a computer.

Now you only have to connect remotely to your computer. Again, use Start Search to search for ‘remote’. This time, you need to select Remote Desktop Connection from the default Apps results list.

remote desktop

In the new window, you will need to enter the name of the computer or the IP address to which you’ll be connecting, and then click the Connect button. If all the above steps have been done correctly, this system will enable us to remotely take control of another computer. From now on, you can interact with the PC as if you were sitting in front of it, installing and running programs, opening files, browsing the Internet, and so on.