If you are looking for a simple way to check a fashion brands environmental and ethical ranking before updating your wardrobe, there’s a clever way to get all the information you require on a huge range of brands from around the globe.


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There’s no denying that humans are a very resource hungry species, continually opting for the quickest and cheapest, solution over all other options. Admittedly, this is somewhat out of the average consumer's control with alternatives either too costly or simply unavailable.

Thankfully, things are slowly beginning to change as people around the world become more and more environmentally and ethically conscious, with companies both big and small now transitioning to more sustainable products and fair work practices. Although there is still a lot of work to be done and a long way to go before we reach a turning point, there are ways each and every person can contribute today.

Simply switching to a brand that’s trying to make a difference helps us all move forward and gives those not yet partaking in change incentive to do so. For most people the hardest part of making an informed decision is finding good, reliable information, thankfully this is no longer a difficult task to the Internet and a clever app.

How to Search Fashion and Clothing Brands by Their Environmental and Ethical Ratings.

Although you can find most of this information using a search engine and some of your spare time, there’s a far easier way to find out your favorite brand's environmental rating using your smartphone and an app called Good On You - Ethical Fashion. Good On You provides trusted ethical ratings for more than 1,100 fashion industry brands, allowing you to check brand names from Abercrombie, Mango, Nike, Zara etc. As well as countless smaller companies. So if you aren’t happy with how your favorite brand is performing, you can easily find new stylish brands that are working hard save the planet and improve the lives of people and animals everywhere.

Download Good On You - Ethical Fashion From Google Play.

Download Good on You - Ethical Fashion From the App Store.

Once you have the app on your device using it is pretty straight-forward, however, we’ll quickly run you through the setup process and how the interface works. To begin you will need to sign in using either your Facebook account or an email address. When you have done this, select your country/region and you will be dropped on the Good On You home screen.

Here you can manually search for brand names and categories using the search tool or the preset category option, which allows you to select a specific item such as bags, gloves, ties, tops, etc. On the home screen, below the search box, there is also a long list of articles related to fashion and ethics you may find interesting.

how to check brand ethics ratings from your phone

If you search a brand directly, ‘Zara’ for example, you will see its overall rating out of 5, plus an individual breakdown of that rating for Labor, Environment, and Animal. Below these ratings is information on how the rating is calculated, as well some background info on the company and its practices.

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Choosing categories will allow you to search for items by brand, which is the better way to use the app. With this option brands are listed from best to worst, allowing you to start from the top and work your way down the list until you find something that works for you. There’s also an Offers page which shows some of the current store discounts, along with their rating.

The final thing to cover is the Settings menu, which covers the usual options such as Password Changes, About us, Contact, etc. However, the most interesting feature can be found in the My Preferences section. Here you can use the sliders to adjust your preference for what is most important, Environment, Labor Rights or Animal Protection. By default, everything is set equally. Hopefully, with easy access to this kind of information people will take initiative and buy sustainable, renewable, ethical products wherever possible.

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