The strength of any WiFi connection is the most important part in determining how reliable and fast it is. If a connection is extremely weak it will be prone to dropouts and slow speeds, thankfully if you are using a Windows 10 device, it’s possible to check the exact strength of any connection as a percentage, so you will no longer have to guess what the icon is showing.


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On just about every modern device that has a WiFi connection, the strength of the connection is almost always shown by a simple icon with three or four signal bars. As you are already aware gauging the strength of a connection using these icons can be quite difficult as the bars generally only move in 3 stages, Bad, Average, Perfect. Or Red, Yellow, Green.

The good news is that on Windows 10 devices, you can check the exact WiFi connection strength as a percentage, so you know exactly how good or bad your current position is. This may not be extremely useful if you are out in a public place on your surface device but it is exceptionally handy if you are trying to find the perfect place to set up your PC at home or in the office.   

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How Do You View WiFi Signal Strength as a Percentage on Windows 10? (Command Prompt)

Although the following process may look a little complicated, it’s actually the complete opposite. (Command Prompt isn’t as scary as it looks) To begin, make sure you are connected to a WiFi network, then open Command Prompt by searching cmd from the start menu. Once you have the Command Prompt window open, copy and paste or type the following command, then press Enter.

netsh wlan show interface

view wifi signal strength as a percentage on windows

This command will show you a ton of detailed information about the WiFi network you are connected to. You’ll be able to see the GUID, Physical Address, State, SSID, BSSID, Network Type, Radio Type, Authentication, Cipher, Channel, Receive/Transmit rate, and of course (most importantly) the signal strength shown as a percentage. The only downside is that the data isn’t a live feed, so you will have to enter the command each and every time you move or change position to update the information.

How Do You View WiFi Signal Strength as a Percentage on Windows 10? (Program/App)

If you’d rather not use Command Prompt there is also a way to find out your WiFi signal strength using a third-party tool called WirelessConnectionInfo. Which you can download using the link below. 

Download WirelessConnectionInfo.

WirelessConnectionInfo is a free program that allows you to view all the information about the current WiFi network you are connected to. The tool is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any crazy Windows knowledge simply open it, find Signal Quality on the list and you’re done.

how do you view wifi signal strength as a percentage on windows


Although WirelessConnectionInfo is an easy to use piece of software that gets the job done, it’s another piece of software on your system you don’t really need. The command prompt option is still by far the easiest way to find out your WiFi signal strength as a percentage.