Death's Door is one of the latest games to come to Game Pass and unfortunately, just like a lot of other Game Pass games, there are issues preventing it uninstalling. So if you have had problems removing Death’s Door from Game Pass, this article will show you how to resolve the issue of Death's Door on Game Pass not restoring drive space after being removed from the Xbox app and Game Pass on Windows.

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Death’s Door is a gem of a game that has proven to be super popular since it was released around the middle of 2021. Now that it has finally hit Game Pass a lot more people are diving into the games unique story and gameplay. Unfortunately, as is common with Game Pass Games on PC, there are some issues with updating Death’s Door and uninstalling it correctly.

Microsoft Products are known for problems and Game Pass along with the Xbox app are no exception. Although Game Pass is exceptional value and fantastic when it works, there are dozens of problems that everyone will come across at some stage. Check out our comprehensive list of Game Pass guides.

Getting back on track, if you are trying to remove Death's Door from Game Pass and the Xbox app only to find that none of the storage space used by Death's Door was restored. You’ll need to follow along as we guide you through the process of getting your drive space back after uninstalling Death's Door from Game Pass. Thankfully Death’s Door isn’t a huge game so the space isn’t all that much, but space is space and you’ll want every bit of it back so let’s get started.

Death's Door uninstallation didn’t get drive space back? How do you uninstall Death's Door from Game Pass PC?

If you can’t uninstall Death's Door from Game Pass properly because it never frees up the storage space it used, you can try clearing the Windows Delivery Optimization Files. This is a quick and easy process and one that works very well, most of the time.

  • The first option is to go to Settings > System > Storage > Temporary Files > Delivery Optimization Files.
  • Once you are in this location make sure Delivery Optimization Files is ticked then click Remove files to clear everything.

Fix Deaths Door on Game pass not removing properly

Use Death's Door from the Microsoft Store instead. Install, Uninstall & Update Death's Door from the Microsoft Store.

Another option you can try using is the Microsoft Store. Some games that are listed on the Microsoft Store can be updated, installed and uninstalled directly from the Store rather than the Xbox app, which, in a lot of cases prevents or solves issues. Just make sure that you are signed into the Microsoft Store app with the account that holds your Game Pass subscription.

  • First, open the Microsoft Store, then click the Library icon in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Next, change to the Games tab and you will see all the games installed on your computer from the Microsoft Store and Xbox app.
  • Next to Death's Door, you should see an Update icon. If you don’t, there might not be a game update. So double-check there is actually a new version out. Click Update and the update will start. Most Game Pass PC game updates are quite big so expect it to take some time to complete. You can do the same using the Uninstall option if you wish to remove the game.
  • If you want to install or uninstall something just find the corresponding entry.

cant uninstall deaths door on game pass

Note: This works for all Game Pass games that don’t use a third-party add-on like the EA Games app.

Change folder ownership of the WindowsApps folder where Death’s Door is installed.

There is one final option, however, I’ve yet to have it work on any of my PC’s (Windows 10 & 11) though others seem to have had success with it. Simply go to the location you have your Game Pass Games installed, then change ownership of the folder to yourself (as admin) then delete the content. I’ve tried this a few times but the content remains undeletable.

Nothing has restored the space used by Death’s Door? Format your drive…

Not everyone is going to want to do this or be able to do this, though it does work with a 100% success rate. If you have Death's Door installed on a different drive or partition you can simply format the drive to get the space back. Simply right-click the drive/partition and select Format. Then wait for the process to complete.

how do you uninstall deaths door from game pass correctly

If you don’t have another drive to allocate fully to games you can always create a partition on your current drive. Just set aside some storage space, I would try to set at least 150GB aside to account for the biggest games on Game Pass. You don’t want to have to redo a partition down the track. It’s an annoying process. A separate partition will allow you to format it regularly without having to worry about the other stuff on your computer.