If you have recently updated to the latest version of Firefox on your computer and now can’t find the bookmark icon (favicon). This article will show you how to restore the bookmark icon to your Firefox interface.


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As reliable as Mozilla Firefox is most of the time, there have been a few occasions of late that have been pretty catastrophic for the browser. The recent bungle which caused all extensions to be forcefully removed from users browsers was by far the biggest stuff up to date but isn’t the only error to slip through the gaps.

If you have just recently updated to the latest version of Firefox you’ve probably noticed that the bookmark icon (favicon) is nowhere to be found…. At least half the time… Thankfully there are a few simple things you can do to restore the bookmark icon to your browser, so follow along as we guide you through the steps.

Before you start them though, make sure you have scanned your entire computer for viruses and malware. Then also make sure you have checked all of your extensions in case one of those may be causing the issue.

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Bookmark Icon Missing on Firefox After Update Fix? Yep!

To get the ball rolling, the first thing we are going to do is rebuild the favicon configuration file in Firefox. To do this navigate to the following path on your computer using File Explorer:


Note: You will need to make sure you can view hidden files to be able to get to this location.

Once you get to the correct location, find and delete the file called favicons.sqlite. When you have deleted the file, Reopen Firefox and it will recreate the file again and restore the bookmark icon to your Firefox interface. If you don’t see the icon, continue with the next solution.

Restart the Firefox Favicon Service.

To do this, open Firefox, type about:config into the address bar, then press Enter. Next, accept the warning message. Once you are on the main about config page, use the search box to search devtools.chrome.enabled. When you find it, make sure its Value is set to True. To do this double click on the entry.

Next, press Ctrl + Shift + J to open the Browser Console. Once you are on this screen copy and paste the following command into the text box and press Enter.

var fS = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/browser/favicon-service;1"] .getService(Components.interfaces.nsIFaviconService); fS.expireAllFavicons();


After you have entered the command, Restart Firefox and check to see if the bookmark icon (favicon) has been restored. If it has, you can now use Firefox normally. If it hasn’t fixed the issue, you can try resetting/refreshing Firefox. If that doesn’t work, you’ll sadly have to try a clean installation. Alternatively, you could also just tough it out and wait to see if Mozilla fix the issue on their end.