Netflix is by far the best movie and tv show streaming service available, far exceeding any of the other competitors on the market. However, for some reason, Netflix, limits the quality which content can be streamed from browsers like Chrome and Firefox to 720p. The good news is that it is possible to bypass this setting and stream content in 1080p.


How to Fix Netflix Audio and Video Out of Sync.

If you have been streaming Netflix from your Internet browser, either Chrome or Firefox, you may or may not have noticed that Netflix content doesn’t allow you to stream at a higher quality level than 720p. On a lot of screens, 720p looks very good and may be hard to tell the difference from 1080p, especially if you are streaming from a phone or tablet. Although this is the max setting you can acquire from either Internet browser by default, it doesn’t mean you can’t increase the quality level to 1080p. Below you will find several different options you can use to force Netflix to stream in 1080p on Chrome and Firefox.

Before you begin, you need to make sure your Netflix settings are set to FHD 1080p playback. By default, all Netflix accounts are set to automatic, so don't always prioritize FHD. To do this, sign into your account, select your user, go to Account, then click on Playback Settings. Here set High, then Save your settings.

make netflix only paly FHD

How to Force Netflix to Stream FHD 1080p on Chrome and Firefox.

The first thing you need to consider when making this change is the quality of your Internet connection. If your Internet connection isn’t fast enough 1080p streaming will be laggy, bouncing and quite unwatchable. Once you are sure your Internet connection can handle 1080p you can begin.

As with most browser issues and shortcomings, the quickest and easiest fix is an extension. In this case, the fix is no different, so to begin, you will need to download one of the following extensions.

For Chrome users download: Netflix 1080p

For Firefox users download: Force 1080p Playback for Netflix

Once you have the appropriate extension installed/added to your browser using them is relatively easy. On either browser simply start watching a movie or tv show, then press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S to open the settings menu. From this menu change the Audio and Video Bitrate settings to the max available (anything over 5000 falls into 1080p quality) If you have any issues with the extension, uninstall it, clear your browser cache, then reinstall it. This should fix all issues.

how to play FHD netflix on chrome

Note: There is some content that won’t upscale to 1080p regardless of your settings. However, all Netflix Originals should work perfectly.

Another extension you can use on Chrome and Firefox that forces 1080p playback is Super Netflix. This extension is far heavier than the other options so will use more resources, however, it does offer a lot more customizable options.

Download Super Netflix Firefox.

Download Super Netflix Chrome.