If you have been looking for a safe, easy to use, app like Apples AirDrop for your Android device. This article will introduce you to Google’s brand new AirDrop competitor for Android devices that allows you to quickly and easily move content between your devices. 


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Moving content between mobile devices and computers can be done using a huge range of different techniques, from Bluetooth transfers to apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Although there is already a massive list of ways to move files and other content between devices, Google has recently released a new app called Nearby Share that aims to make things even easier than all the other apps and methods you are currently using. 

Nearby Share for Android by Google aims to fill the void Android users have for an AirDrop like service. Allowing quick, easy and super fast content transfers between devices within a local environment. With Android Nearby Share, you can share links and files between a large range of supported devices. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to find nearby devices and transfer content via Bluetooth, mobile data, WIFI. 

At this stage, Android Nearby Share is currently available on Pixel and Samsung devices running Android 6.0 and above. But will become a standard feature from Android 11 onwards. Nearby Share will also be available on Google Chome which makes Android to PC sharing even easier.

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Android alternatives to Apple AirDrop? Google Nearby Share!

Before you get too excited about using Android Nearby Share, there are a few restrictions currently in place. First, you need to have an up to date Google Pixel or Samsung Device. Sadly it isn’t yet available for download via an APK file. Once you have made sure your device is fully up to date you can find Android Nearby Share in your app library or within Share Options.

Once you have found it simply open it and tap the option to make sure it is enabled. When enabled Google Nearby Share will start looking for other devices with Nearby Share enabled. If something is within range it will appear on the screen. To share the file just tap the devices name.

Before you start using Nearby Share in public spaces, I suggest you open its settings and adjust your device name, device visibility, and data usage. You don’t want to leave yourself open to any kind of exploit. Sadly there isn’t a release date for the free to download Google Nearby Share app from Google Play, so you’ll need to wait for the official release sometime in the near future.


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