Even though Microsoft has done a fantastic job making sure that a lot of Xbox One peripheral devices, especially controllers work well on Windows 10, there are times when you may need to intervene and manually make some changes. If you’ve never done this before, this guide will take you through the process.


How to Fix Controllers and Gamepads Not Registering on Windows 10.

In an effort to unite and simplify the connection and usability between Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft has made the process of connecting/pairing controllers and other devices super easy. For most users, it’s simply a case of pairing Bluetooth devices or connecting USB cables and you’re ready to go, no configuration required.

That being said, things aren’t always that easy and you may find yourself needing to manually configure your controller to fix axis issues and button misconfigurations. Basically, if you are having any sort of performance issues, your controller needs to be configured. However, if you are reading this article hoping to fix controller right-analog joystick problems, you will need to read an alternate article which specifically addresses this issue.

How to Fix Controller Right-Analog Joystick Not Working.

How Do You Manually Configure Xbox One Controllers on Windows 10?

To begin, make sure your Xbox One controller is on and connected to your computer, either via USB or Bluetooth. Once it is connected, open Control Panel and go to the following location:

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Devices and Printers

On this page, you will see a list of all the devices that are connected to your computer, printers, speakers, monitors, controllers, mice,  etc. Find your controller, right-click on it and select Game Controller Settings, in the next window click Calibrate.

how to manually configure xbox one controllers on windows 10

This will open a new calibration tool where you will need to follow a set list of calibration instruction. Once the calibration has finished launch a game and check to see if your controller is working correctly.

how to configure xbox one controllers on windows

If you are playing games on Steam using your Xbox One controller, make sure you check Steam's controller configuration menu as well. To do this open Steam, click Settings, then click Controller > General Controller Settings. This will open a new window for managing connected controllers.

how to manually configure windows 10 for xbox one controllers

On this page, make sure the Xbox Configuration Support option is ticked and you’re ready to go.

how to manually setup xbox one controllers on windows

Steams controller support works exceptionally well with Xbox One controllers and you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments, however, there is a chance your manual configuration may interfere a little with Steam’s settings, so if you do notice any strange movements simply go back into Control Panel and Reset your controller settings.  

Just remember that if you are having any issues with your analog sticks, particularly the right one, you will need to follow a different course of action. Generally, you will find this issue more prevalent with generic controllers and controllers that Windows doesn’t have specific drivers for. Fixing Controller Right-Analog Joystick Problems.