Most of the previous methods of locking up folders which we have described required installing a piece of software on the device, on which the folder was located. However, it is possible to hide folders and password lock them using a portable application that does not require installing and can be carried around on a pendrive.

Hiding and protecting folders with a password

Anvide Lock Folder is a free, simple and foolproof solution for hiding a folder and protecting it with a password. It is a portable program, which means that it does not need to be installed on a computer – all it takes is to open an EXE file. It can be used to hide and lock a folder on any kind of device.

The first step after starting Anvide Lock Folder is choosing a language version. The program’s main interface will be displayed, on the top of which is located a tool bar, and below that a list of hidden or locked folders (which, by default, is empty).

Choosing and hiding a folder

Adding folders to the list is the first step of using Anvide Lock Folder. To add a folder which is to be hidden and locked, click the plus button on the tool bar and select a folder from the hard drive. Any number of folders can be added this way. When the list has been filled with selected folders, clicking the padlock button will hide them.

Adding folders to be hidden

The folders will remain hidden and unreachable until opening the application and unlocking them with the open padlock button.

Password locking

To stop anyone else but us from unlocking the folders, the unlocking function may be itself locked with a password. To set up a password, click the wrench button and go to the “Security” tab.

Here, a password can be set up by inputting it twice in the required fields. After that, the password must be accepted by clicking the green tick button. Additional settings in other tabs enable adjusting the way the program works as well as its appearance – via the “Appearance” tab, in which additional skins are located.

Setting a password for Anvide Lock Folder

Even though Anvide Lock Folder is not one of the most advanced tools, it works very well as a simple application for quickly locking up and hiding folders.