Are you tired with Dropbox? Maybe you would like to go for an alternative solution, such as SkyDrive or SugarSync? Or maybe you got 50 GB extra on and you would like to move your data there? It's actually easier than it may seem!

You can move data between virtual disks in a few ways. The easiest method: copy your data drirectly from the computer to the newly chosen service. However, sometimes you have some other stuff on your Dropbox account - for example from your smartphone or tablet. Thus, you would either have to send them once more from these devices, or download it from Dropbox onto your PC and then send them onto the new server.


You can, however, speed up the process of sending data between your accounts by using Jolidrive - a service that allows to manage multiple accounts such as Dropbox. It offers to deal with as many as 16 different services, But if you are looking for fast transfer, you should go for Backup Box.

This service supports the majority of clouds that offer to store your data in a cloud, so you can send data between Dropbox, Google Drive,, FTP server, SkyDrive, DreamHost, AmazonS3 and SugarSync, and even websites are supported. The list of the setvices supported by Backup Box is really impressive. It's also worth mentioning that the process of sending data is as easy as a pie.

How to send your data?

1. Register on Backup Box by giving your e-mail address and setting up a password.
2. Answer a few questions (what types of files do you move, how often are you going to use this service)
3. From a new window choose "Add new source" button
4. Choose the account from which you would like to send your data (for example Dropbox)
5. Left-click on "Add new destination"
6. Choose the account that you want to send your data to
7. Click on the blue buttom saying "Transfer Now!"

Aaand it's done. In the new window you can see the list that tells you the status of files in move (queued, moving, ready). The whole process is very fast and afterwards you can also remove your account on Backup Box to secure your cloud data from being accessed by third parties.