If you have more than one Facebook account and often find yourself switching between them, there’s now a new way to switch between them quickly and easily, without having to manually sign in and out with your password every single time.


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Nowadays it’s quite common for the average Facebook user to have more than one Facebook account, a personal account and an account for their business or pet carrot. Although Facebook does offer dedicated pages for businesses and other things within standard user accounts, a lot of people simply prefer to create full accounts/personas.

Understandably, at the time of Facebook's inception Mark and his buddies probably didn’t expect the average user to have more than one Facebook account, so didn’t feel the need to implement a quick switch toggle for multiple user accounts. Thankfully, after a lot of feedback and requests, Facebook has finally added an easy way to switch between Facebook accounts.  

How to Quickly Switch Between Facebook Accounts With the New Account Switch Toggle.

The first thing you need to know about the Facebook account quick switch toggle is that it isn’t available globally yet, which means just about every country outside the USA doesn’t have access. (if you really want it, you can get access with VPN) Once the toggle trail finishes it will either be rolled out to everyone or scrapped. Personally, I think it will be added it seems like quite a handy tool to have.

Even though you may not yet have access to the feature, you can still find out how to use it before it is rolled out to your region. Below you will find a quick run-down of how to use the Facebook account switching toggle.

If you are searching high and low for the toggle, you will find it wedged nicely between your Username and the Home icon. When you find it click on it and you’ll see your current account and a + sign to add another account. To add a second account click the + sign then sign in, as soon as you sign in the first account will automatically be signed out. Don’t stress though, as soon as you manually sign back in, both accounts will stay signed in, allowing you to switch between them quickly and easily.

where is the account toggle on facebook

To log out, you can use the standard manual logout procedure or click the toggle once again and use the small cross found in the corner of the profile you wish to sign out from. All in all, I think it is one of Facebook’s most useful ideas and has certainly been a long time coming. I wonder how long it will take before the quick switch account toggle will also be featured on Android and iOS devices.