South Korea is struck once more with news that a gamer has died after an intense 12-hour playing session in one of its popular Internet parlors, similar to the Internet cafes from the West. The 19 year old college student, identified only under the nickname of Moon, died after a 12-hour gaming session in the city of Ulsan, South Korea. He started playing an online first-person shooter at 2 am, then took a break at 10:30 am to go home and eat breakfast, and returned to the parlor. Around 2 pm, the staff of the parlor found the teenager collapsed on his keyboard, and quickly called an ambulance. Sadly, the South Korean college student was pronounced dead on arrival when he reached the hospital. The family of the teenager and his friends revealed that he "habitually played the online shooting game," but didn't know what the title was. The police is now investigating the cause of death. This comes at a pretty bad time for games in South Korea, as Blizzard, one of the most popular Western companies in the Asian country is taking legal action against TV stations that transmitted matches of StarCraft 1 and 2, games that have a cult following in Korea. This also isn't the first time South Korean gamers have been involved in tragic incidents, as other players have also fallen ill or even died because they went on marathon gaming sessions and didn't look out for their actual health. What's worse, a South Korean couple even neglected to take care of their young baby, because they were too busy playing an online game in one of these Internet parlors. This should serve as a brutal reminder for anyone engaging in extended gaming sessions, don't ignore your real body for the sake of your virtual one.