Lian Li has just announced that it has expanded its product portfolio with two new elegant all-aluminum chassis, the PC-C60 and PC-6, the former targeting HTPC builds, while the later is an ATX mid-tower solution. Both of these cases were designed in order to deliver excellent air-flow and feature both a tool-less installation as well as a wide series of anti-vibration technologies. Starting with the HTPC PC-C60, this can accommodate ATX, micro-ATX, or mini-ITX motherboards, and has enough room to fit video cards measuring up to 270mm in length. Externally, users can access two 5.25-inch bays for installing a pair of optical drives, while internally the PC-C60 packs three 2.5-inch mounts and six 3.5-inch HDD mounts. Additional 2.5-inch drives can be installed in the 3.5-inch bays if the three mounts prove to be insufficient. As mentioned previously, all the ODD and HDD mounts provide tool-less installation and include rubber-ring suspensions to reduce the vibration (and thus noise) produced by the drives when running. Thermally, the PC-C60 is designed to maximize cooling with two 140mm fans pulling cool air through the case from the side-panel. Furthermore, the back of the case features a series of specially designed venting holes and an additional 140mm fan can be mounted on the top-panel. On the front of the PC-C60, Lian Li has placed a pair of USB 3.0 ports, one e-SATA connector, as well as HD audio ports. Moving to the PC-6, this mid-tower PC case mounts huge graphics cards with a maximum length of 440mm in eight ventilated, tool-less PCI brackets. ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards are all supported, and the HDD rack, which is fitted with a rubber suspension to reduce vibration, supports three 3.5-inch drives and one 2.5-inch HDD. Lian Li has designed the PC-6 with one front-panel 140mm intake fan and one rear-panel 140mm exhaust fan as well as a mount for a fan speed control-switch. Both fans along with the ventilation beneath the PSU come with washable/removable air-filters to prevent dust from entering the case. The top-panel is home to the power switch alongside one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0 port, and HD audio ports. No details regarding availability and pricing have been disclosed until now, but Lian Li products usually feature a pretty hefty price premium.